Helen Malarky

Helen Malarky

Project Manager, Institute for Humanities & Social Science Research, Manchester Metropolitan University

Prof John Gledhill'Humanities in Public' Programme

Manchester Metropolitan University has recently launched the first-ever 'Humanities in Public' programme - a busy and colourful festival of topical events and activities, hosted by the Institute of Humanities and Social Science Research (IHSSR).

Taking place between 19th September 2013 and 2nd June 2014, the programme for 2013/14 - which is free and open to all - includes talks, intellectual debates and a variety of social activities. The subjects covered include gothic film, books and media; globalisation and world citizenship; women and feminism; plastic surgery and body modification; the environment and our sense of place.

With accompanying music, food, film screenings, readings, poetry and art exhibitions, there's something in the programme for everybody.

Helen Malarky, IHSSR Project Manager and Creative Programme Coordinator said: "To discover the Humanities means finding out about people and how they live their lives, both as individuals and in their communities. The Humanities ask questions about society, history, communication, relationships, thought, knowledge, belief, culture and creativity. It therefore makes little sense to keep what we do locked up in universities. We greatly look forward to involving the wider public in what we do, what we know, and what we're interested in"

Anthony Cassidy, international sales manager at Visit Manchester, said: "Humanities in Public' is a fine example of how universities can showcase their important research to the wider public through a series of free events. We're proud to be supporting the IHSSR, which is home to a number of Manchester's Conference Ambassadors"

The events are open for anyone to attend and the vast majority are completely FREE.

The programme will open with a Grand Launch party on Thursday 19th September 6pm-9pm, with Manchester Conference Ambassadors being honoured guests. Your free ticket to the launch can be booked HERE.

More information on the 'Humanities in Public' programme can be found at http://www.hssr.mmu.ac.uk/hip/welcome/

Helen Malarky is a valued member of Manchester's Conference Ambassador Programme. By becoming a Manchester Conference Ambassador, Visit Manchester can help you raise your personal profile, the work of your organisation or help to communicate your latest research findings by hosting events in Manchester.

For more information about Manchester Conference Ambassadors please contact Anthony Cassidy on 0161 238 4509 or e-mail: anthony.cassidy@visitmanchester.com